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Domain names

Useful info on domain names

When you register a domain name, you are inserting an entry into a directory of all the domain names and their corresponding computers on the Internet. From a brand perspective, you are spreading your image in the online world, preventing illegal usage from the others.
Follow this link to see our Domain Names pricing: Or contact our Sales Team
Sometimes companies have to share their domain name registration accross multiple suppliers and maybe they do not have control over ownership and admin data. A domain consolidation is a process where your domain portfolio is handled by a single vendor, using the very same control panel, with exact owner and/or admin WHOIS data..
Yes - you can transfer a domain name to Brandprotection.Zone. Follow this link to see our Domain Name Transfer If You have a large and/or international domain name portfolio please write to our customer service.
Currently we are accepting credit card for current customers and wire transfer for the first order.
Yes, please discuss your project with our support departement
We offer domain name registration, domain name transfer, domain name escrow agent, domain and website monitoring and many others. We are available to discuss any domain related problem through our support departement
We have a great support departement available 24/7/365 and an email to contact: customerservice [at]

Domain monitoring solutions

Our domain and website related solutions:

Domain monitoring is an automated process running on our systems that understands major changes on your domain names metadata. This activity is very important because you can understand what's happening to one or many domain names.
Brand monitoring is suitable for companies, legal offices, brand managers, marketers and web agencies as well.
Domain name owners needs to understand what is going on on their own domain name's portfolio. Metadata changes can hide unwanted transfers and/or ownership changes. Domain name owners need to understand and monitor quickly new unwanted registrations from third parts.
Legal Offices can understand domain portfolio changes and monitor unwanted domain names registration on behalf of their customers.
It's up to you: we provide monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly updates. Please discuss with our support departement what is the best plan for you.
Yes. please discuss with our support departement your oproject and your needs.
We offer even social monitoring and website uptime / speed monitoring.

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