On July 15, 2017, the .asia registry system will be migrated to the new Afilias Shared Registry System. Moreover, the .asia Charter Eligibility Declaration Requirement Policies have been updated and will become effective on the same date. With this update, it is no longer necessary to provide a contact in the DotAsia Community (Asia Pacific region). The updated CED Requirement Policies will allow for "entities seeking relationship or presence in Asia" to register a .asia domain without a pre-existing address or registered ID.

The finalized Charter Eligibility Declaration Requirement Policies update is posted as "Candidate Release" version here and will be effective on July 15, 2017.

Thus, for new .asia domains, we will allow registrants to complete .asia domain registrations without requiring any CED check (i.e. similar to any open gTLD). This change will simplify the registration and management of .asia domain names with us, since all trust parameters will become obsolete just as the need of a trustee service solution.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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